Video block

A block showing a video with related heading, text or bookmarks to sections in the video.

Short description

The block displays an embedded video, a description or bookmarks to sections in the video can be added beside it.  The block is developed for Youtube and Creo videos. The editor can add name, title, and image (optional) for an expert/spokesperson.

When and how to use it

The block can be used on any page.


The section with the video can be aligned to the left or to the right. The text section is limited to the same height as the video. That means that the amount of text and links that the editor can add is limited. In smaller devices the video is placed above the text section.



Do's and don'ts


  • Use bookmarks for videos that have more than one section of discussion or multiple points/USPs to convey to the viewer.
  • Use a good thumbnail for the video. Remember that this has a big impact on how many will actually click the video.




  • Background colour: Grey 8
  • Font colour: Grey 2
  • Bullet list have green check marks.
  • Name, title and image of expert/spokesperson are aligned to the left.