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Contact us

This block shows contact information for an area of the bank (or a general number).

Contact us


Short description

The purpose is to show contact information, either specific to an area of the bank, or in general.

Contact us

When and how to use it

Use this block when you need to display contact information for the bank. Don’t use it to present personal contact information. 


  • On mobile, click number to call.
  • This is a passive component.

Do's and don'ts

  • Consider the amount of information in the block, it is only meant for contact information, so keep it lean
  • Consider if you should use the ‘Contact me’ block instead.



The component Contact us is only meant for contact information and opening hours, not for engaging text.

Upper and lower case

Don't start each word in headings and labels with upper case. Only use upper case in:

  • The first letter of the first word
  • The first letter of proper names
  • Abbreviations

Weekdays should be capitalized in English but not in Swedish. Monday–Friday but måndag–fredag.

Do’s and don'ts

  • Do use the verb in imperative (prompt) form in the heading: Contact us!
  • Do write the opening hours without the minutes 00 if you want to specify a full hour. If you want to specify a time including for example half hours, use this format: 8–12.30
  • Don’t insert the word between (mellan) when you specify a time interval with a dash. The dash itself is sufficient.
  • Don't add country prefix to the telephone number unless your target audience is international. Most of our communication is national.




Contact us-component used on desktop



Contact us-component used on tablet



Contact us-component used on mobile

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