Article features

A collection of data that can be used with a Story page or News page to give the reader better overview of the articles meta-data (date published, time to read, ability to share etc).

Short description

These features are all shown at the top of the article, right after the heading and before the preamble. They aim is to give the reader more information regarding the article, such as when it was created and how long it is expected to read for the average person.

When and how to use it

Use these features depending on the articles content. For an article that has content which is not time-sensitive, such as explaining the history of SEB, it might not need to show the date information, however it might still be nice to know how long the article might be to read. So consider the content when you decide which of the ‘Article features’ to use.


The 'Article features' are responsive depending on the viewport.

Do's and don'ts

Consider if you need all the features on every article. For example, most browsers already has sharing functionality built-in. If the article is not especially beneficial to share, consider if the extra share features are a help or not for the visitor, etc.