A breadcrumb is a secondary navigation showing the website hierarchy.

Short description

We use breadcrumbs to display site hierarchy (rather than navigation path) and to increase findability of parent pages.

Breadcrumbs help users navigate upward in the hierarchy and typically help with back-movement also. They also help with context when navigation is otherwise out of sight (for example in a mobile view).

Breadcrumbs have been proven to reduce bounce rates for search-users, when they are able to quickly find related pages.

When and how to use it

Use for sites/applications that have a substantial amount of pages present deeper down in site structures.



The full path may not take up more than one row in the layout. If the path is too long the path is truncated after the root element (i.e. Home ... > Loans > Home > Interest ).


For mobile views we only display the link to the parent page, as the full path tends to take too much space.



  • Font: 16px medium
  • Current state: Grey 800 #333333
  • Previous states link colour: #007ac7
  • Page-levels are separated: Chevron (>) Grey 800 #333333



  • Font: 16px medium
  • Link colour: #007ac7
  • Chevron (<) indicating back: Grey 800 #333333
  • Only one level up is presented
  • Container & click area for the link: 44px high and 100% wide