Welcome block

A block to highlight and show the most important or prioritised message for a start or landing page.

Short description

The ‘Welcome block’ is supposed to show the most important message or conversion on the page. Prioritising is therefore very important; only one such block can be used per page.

An example would be to use it to highlight a new mortgage campaign on the start page. But it could also be used on a landing page to highlight a new article that could be of importance for the visitors.

The block can also have a greeting message.

When and how to use it

Always place on top of a start or landing page. Consider if a ‘Promo block’ might be good enough for your use-case - we do not want to overuse the ‘Welcome’ block. The block can have an area with links to popular entries on the website.

The ‘Rates’ feature in the block is only to be used on the start page. It shows either current rates (for example on seb.se) or stock values (for example on sebgroup.com), and may not be used in any other way without making sure that it is ok with the product owner for the public web. When stock values are shown in the ‘Rates’ block, it will fetch the relevant data from external sources, so will not have to be updated manually. The links and rates ensure that the visitors easily can access important and popular information.


The ‘Welcome’ block only has one interactive component, either a link or button that can be used in connection with the text field. This is usually to promote an action or conversion, but could be used to guide the user to important or interesting information. You can add a contrast box behind the heading/text/button area if the image that is being used is of a light tone and thus the contrast between text and image low.

Do's and dont's


  • The text must be written by copywriters to assure that we have the right tonality.
  • When using the Welcome block for a campaign there must be a button for conversion.
  • Do use it to promote important products or messages.
  • Do use it on start and landing pages, but only at the top.


  • Don’t use it for generic messages; we do not want it to be used too much on the site.