A block to measure the customer experience of a page.

Short description

This block has buttons for thumbs up and down, and an optional field to leave a comment. The purpose is thus to measure the visitors’ happiness with the page that the Rating block is on. So that we can better understand what they for example are missing or wish to see more of.

When and how to use it

It is important that the heading is phrased in a way that makes the thumbs up/down option make sense. For example;

  • “Did you find what you were looking for?” = good example
  • “Would you like to change something on this page?” = bad example

Use it at the end of the content that you wish to get rated, so that they have the full experience. Do not use it for support cases or when the users feedback is urgent.


It has a responsive design so only the visual looks differs between viewports.




Do's and don'ts


  • Do use it on new content or when you are uncertain on whether or not the content fulfils its intended role.


  • Don’t use it if you are not planning on going through the answers you get.