Contact us

This block shows contact information for an area of the bank (or a general number).

Short description

The purpose is to show contact information, either specific to an area of the bank, or in general.

Contact us

When and how to use it

Use this block when you need to display contact information for the bank. Don’t use it to present personal contact information. 


This is a passive component.

Do's and don'ts

  • Consider if you should use the ‘Contact me’ block instead.
  • Use red themed colour only when it's the appropriate context as it can easily be mistaken for warning (or shouting).

Related to

Contact me


  • Icon = pictogram P-101
  • On mobile, click number to call


Five main colours:

  • Green background #379D00, text #FFFFFF
  • Yellow background #FFC500, text #000000
  • Purple background #673AB6, text #FFFFFF
  • Red background #F03529, text #FFFFFF
  • Blue background #0092E1, text #FFFFFF