Internet Explorer is not supported by Design Library

The last version of Internet Explorer, version 11, was released on October 17, 2013. This is a very long time ago when taking into account the rapid development of web technologies. These days it is often difficult and time consuming to get modern technologies to work well in this old browser. More and more frameworks are dropping support, and even Microsoft themselves has announced that they will fully drop support for IE in their own services in 2021.

Consequently, we have decided to not include support for IE in the Design Library website.

Luckily, there are modern options in active development. Please use Firefox, Edge or Chrome instead.

News archive

Here you'll find all the news articles we've ever released

Green updates - February 2023

This is the first of many blog updates regarding our design system: Green.

Selected state is updated

New design direction for components when relevant

More components and patterns

Can you handle it? There are even more components and patterns now.

Updated components and patterns

Read about the new copy descriptions, dark mode pattern and more new content.

Design Library 2.0 is live

Notice anything?

Looking for tiny input fields?

Mini components are here to stay.s

Grey news!

Our designers and developers must have the same references. Let's start with grey shades.

How to keep updated

Do you keep updated with the new components? Here is a tip.

Alert ribbon is updated

Alerting the user have never been this clear!

Updated recommendation for icon use

Use "regular" FontAwesome icons for sizes up to 32 px

Hello! New things added!

Design library is constantly growing, thanks to the common efforts of the front-end and design communty.

Accordion is updated

The collapsable component has an updated design.

Delete button - new component


Vanilla goes public

Upgrade to the new vanilla package (@sebgroup/vanilla).

Sticky bar - new component

Sometimes we want to highlight a summary or buttons to a user by making them sticky.

Breadcrumbs - new component

Breadcrumbs has been given the SEB-touch.

Error indicator for input fields

The error line on input fields has been decreased to 2 px.

Updated height on forms components

This adjustment is a follow-up from December when we changed the height of labels.

New size for labels

It turns out that our labels to input fields were difficult to read.

Design Library on Github

For both design and developers

Welcome React!

SEB components built in the React framework are now added to Design Library.

Subscribe to Design Library

Stay on top of things!

Design Library is public!

Yay! This means that the site can be accessed from outside of SEB.

Component hackday

The first joint hackday with Front x guild and the cx-team.

Are you using FontAwesome?

SEB recently bought a number of licenses for you to use.

The button has changed (minor)

Thanks to your feedback the design has been updated.

Seb-style added to Design Library

Design Library has been updated.

When to use new digital design system?

Start now. That is the quick answer!

Summer at Design Library

We wish you all a fantastic summer!

Need a new component?

Use our Design Library community in Connections

Components for designers

Component libraries for Axure and Sketch are now available

Angular Material in Design Library

Framework for Angular Material is added to Design Library

Design Library is open!

Drum roll... Welcome to the brand new design library!

New design launched on the Swedish Internetbank

On January 18, the internet bank for private consumers in Sweden got a facelift.