When to use new digital design system?


Start now. That is the quick answer!

Up until now it has been up to each team/product to decide whether to use the old or the new design system.

Since the introduction 2017, the digital design has been applied and tested in different contexts. We have worked through it enough to encourage you to use it fully.


  • Every system that a customer faces, must use the design system from 2017.
  • Systems facing an internal audience should strive to adapt to the design system from 2017.
  • Systems provided from a third party (i.e Benify, ClickView) should adapt to the design system from 2017. But when that is not possible (i.e BBH in C&I Online), we generally recommend that you stick to the provider’s design but remove their branding (logo, colours, fonts, etc).

Please contact us designlibrary@seb.se if you would like to discuss your perspective.

Will the digital design keep on changing? 

As we learn more, the design will always be updated - that's the beauty of it. Design Library is set up to make it easy for development teams to easily update design changes by using npm. 

Getting started for developers


  • Be aware that the design will still change. When it does, we will inform you on Design Library
  • Make sure the front-end development is built in a flexible way so it can handle design changes
  • Feel free to contact the ux-team for design feedback. We have open feedback sessions every Thursday 10-12 am. We would love to hear your input on Design Library, as well as bounce ideas on your own design work