Need a new component?


Use our Design Library community in Connections

Have you looked through Design Library and can't find what you are looking for? Maybe the component you need has not been designed or built just yet?

A brand, new community

Go to the Design Library community on Connections and add your idea there!

Design Library community in Connections 

Write about your needs, the situation and target group you have in mind and wait for a response. Maybe someone else in the community has the same need. Or even the solution?

Already we have threads discussing the slider, badge, list and date-picker.

Then what?

We do this together. Sometime we use components and sometimes we share our components. Let's say you and someone else have the same need, then you might team up and create (design, describe, build) the component. Then we upload it to Design Library for others to use.

#teameffort #communityrocks