Seb-style added to Design Library


Design Library has been updated.

The other day we deployed some changes to Design Library. Most of these were done behind the scenes, as a step towards Design Library going public.

So what did we do?

The framework for Bootstrap/seb-style is now included in Design Library! This means that you can see those components when selected in the "Code" tab. A huge thank you to Robert Hjalmers!

The attentive Design Library-user will also notice a few other things, e.g. you can now click on image in a "lightbox" to enlarge it, and that the bug that broke image links is fixed.

Use Chrome!

The biggest change behind the scene is that the site is now rendered server-side by the CMS. We quickly realised that Internet Explorer does not like this, so please use any other browser (like Chrome) for now.

That's it for now. Let us know what you think!

/Ulrika, Jocke and Ove