Design Library is open!


Drum roll... Welcome to the brand new design library!

We have gathered everything we can think of that has to do with global components with the new design system from 2017. The goal is to keep both description of how to use the component, as well as reuse the code, in one place!

A collective effort

Development teams at SEB make their own decisions on how they work. This is why this site supports many types of platforms. Click on a component and choose the source that you are using in your team. If you can't find it, contact us and add it for others to re-use!

Are we done now?

In true agile spirit, the site is not finished. It is really the opposite - this is only the first version. In about a month, we are hoping to make it public for people outside of SEB's walls.

Yes to feedback!

We are still learning about what works well so feel free to come back often for updates. Any help or feedback from you would be appreciated!

All the best,

The Design Library team