Vanilla goes public


"Visual Identity" is now part of the Vanilla package. This means that both import paths and prefixes have changed.

Up until recently, the Vanilla pattern library has been hosted on SEB's GitHub Enterprise platform, and been published to the internal NPM registry as @sebdesignlibrary/vanilla.

Public GitHub and NPM

A few weeks ago, we cloned the repository to and made it publicly available. We also published it on the official NPM registry under the name @sebgroup/vanilla.

What does this mean?

This means that we will no longer support the old internally published package (@sebdesignlibrary/vanilla), nor the old GitHub Enterprise repository. They will still be accessible for the time being, but not up to date.

If you are using Vanilla, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the new package (@sebgroup/vanilla).

The new package

A few things to keep in mind that have changed in the new package:

  • Visual Identity has been removed as a separate package and is now part of the Vanilla package. This means that all the stuff that had the sebvi prefix now has the vanilla prefix instead.
  • Since the package name has change, the import paths have also change.

Here you can find more in depth information about upgrading:

Any questions?

Please reach out to us at Slack #design-library, or send an email to if you need help or have any questions.


Design Library team