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Design process

The design process is for CX-designers and all our collaborators within SEB.

This design process is based on the Double Diamond concept and adapted to SEB way of working. It is described in layers like an onion, addresses different perspectives and based on best practices.


Short description

The design process plays a vital role in our way of conducting business development. It is a catalyst for working with design/CX, whether its’ purpose is to facilitate a function, create debate or inspire action.​

Why do we need it?

  • To secure that CX-designers have a standardised way of working to help collaborate with others and in hand-overs
  • To show how SEB use design methods for constumer-centric strategies and business decisions
  • To understand the various CX-designer profiles involvement in different parts
  • To support discussions and plaaning of development work

When and how to use it

Lean on the design process in multiple stages of business development. One doesn’t have to follow it in a linear way, nor include all steps for every initiative, but we need to revisit all steps continually to keep exploring the real problems.

Design process overview

Scroll down to learn about what the quadrupal diamonds entails.




First diamond: Find the right questions!

Before we start exploring solutions, we need to get a deep understanding of our problem and our opportunity by exploring customer needs, trends, and revisting our strategies.

Research & future thinking

Check global / mega trends:

  • Trend analysis, Competition analysis (konkurrentanalys)

Explore customer trends and needs:

  • Exploration plan, Trigger material, Qualitative customer/user research


Define the important challenges/trends for your business, customers or case:

  • Vision / Conceptual prototype, Strategy / Roadmap, Effect goals / OKR / KPI, Segmentation / Personas, Customer / user journeys / life cycle


Second diamond: Do the right thing!

Based on the understanding of the problem gathered in the opportunity phase, hypotheses for solutions are explored and defined.


Define/scope opportunity:

  • Effect goals / OKR / KPI, Collect corporate knowledge

Explore opportunity:

  • Exploration plan, Perspective canvas, Empathy map, Flow diagram, Value proposition canvas, Service blueprint, Trigger material, Qualitative customer/user research, Conceptual prototype


Define customer:

  • Vision, Personas, Customer Journey


  • How might we, Ideation workshop, Design studio


  • Conceptual design, CX Copy high level, Show n tell, CX coaching


Third diamond: Do it right!

Possible design solutions are explored and tested and a design solution is defined.



  • How Might We, Design studio, Prototyping


  • Interaction design, Visual design, CX copy, The last mile, Show n tell, CX coaching


  • Usage test of prototype, Survey



  • Updated interaction design, Updated visual design, Updated CX Copy, Translation, Accessibility testing, Implement measuring methods & points, Base measure of effect goals, Update customer journeys, Summary customer insights, Update design documentation


Forth diamond: Get it right!

The solution is continually developed and improved through iterative development and conitous qualitative and quantitative analysis on end users.

Build, test, iterate:

  • A/B-test, Modify copy, Survey, Usage test of released app, Follow up of effect goals/OKR/KPI, UX debt, UX bug fixing


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