The general tone of the images is calm and elegant. Beautiful ingredients such as natural materials, unfeigned people, classic furniture and architecture create simple and tasteful situations and environments.

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Images in Brand guidelines

You can find our image library here:

If I can't find an image that suits the purpose in the image bank, then what do I do?

The image library expands every month so give that a try first. Then look in generic image banks online to find an image that portraits what you want to say. Does it comply with SEB's tone?  

Do's and dont's


  • Use images to support the content. It should add something!
  • Always use "title" and "alt-text" for accessibility reasons



  • Avoid a collage with small images, go big! Combine it with a text
  • Avoid having text edited in on the image. Use html-text!

Non-saturated colours create a sophisticated and thoughtful expression and the camera position leaves space for interpretation. We create interesting and exciting compositions by mixing conventional solutions with more unexpected angles.

Blackness enhances contrast and contributes to a powerful expression. The compositions have clear lines and focal points. The central objects are unthreatened by competing elements.

The light in our images is natural and soft creating smooth shadows. The contrast is high creating a dramatic blackness in the dark areas.

The colours are desaturated, neutral and natural giving a sophisticated and authentic impression.

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You can find our image library here: