Before you start

To create services that are world class, we need to take a step back before rushing into making images or prototypes. We made a CX-canvas that sums up the most important questions to help you get started.


The CX-canvas sums up the questions you need to go through with your team, both to see if you agree and to give you the best starting point when creating any kind of experience. Some of the questions require a workshop, others are only a discussion.

Feel free to print it out. If you answer the questions in the boxes, we think you have the best possible circumstance for creating a world-class SEB-experience.

The design process

(under construction - stay tuned)

The design process guides you with what you do and when you should do it. What mindset should you and your team have a certain points, in order to get the most creativity? When is it time to solve a specific problem rather than everything? Having a process to hold on to, helps us understand that designing a UI is more than creating an image.

Community responsibility

Design Library is used for components and patterns, and when there is something missing (or not making sense), it is up to us, as design -and development communities to contribute and make it re-usable to others.

If you have any questions about this or how you contribute, please let us know