Familiarity through platform, integrity through brand.

We build products users feel familiar and comfortable with. We do this by using system components from the platform we build for.

Consistency is defined by applying the SEB brand on all platforms; those being native, hybrid and web. Fonts, colours, icons, pictograms, images and tonality are all key parts and should saturate all affected platforms with the SEB look and feel.

The hybrid experience should aim to achieve the same degree of attention to details in layout and behaviour as a native application does. At the same time there should be minimal differences between the hybrid experience and the mobile web, in order to draw the benefit of building features once. We shall not develop specific web components mimicking iOS/Android behaviour, as it will add overhead in developing and maintaining those.

Native components deriving from iOS and Android mobile native frameworks will be kept “as is” in their default core functionality and structure, thus making sure that they are future proof by only applying the SEB look and feel.