Slide-up sheet

Slide-up sheet is a white area sliding up from bottom of the viewport.

Short description

Slide-up sheet is a white area sliding up from bottom of the viewport. The purpose is to mimic the native mobile behaviour of the slide-up component.

When and how to use it

The component is used when you want the user to take action from a list of options (e.g. select bank account) or present a set of data, without requirement of further actions (e.g. further information or clarification).


The Slide-up sheet is based on the native component and aims to have similar behaviour and pattern. It can be triggered from different components like a default link, a button, selector etc. Slide-up sheet is only available on mobile devices regardless app or responsive framework. On desktop, the Slide-out modal is used instead of the Slide-up sheet.

The height of the slide-up sheet should be dynamic in that sense that it adjusts its height to the content. The max height of the component should be X% of the view port since the "Close"-icon can be easily mistaken by the “Close”-link in the native navigation bar. When the sheet is set to max-height, additional content should be scrollable. The title and "Close"-icon should be sticky when content scrolls beneath it.

The component is closed by performing the following:

  • Tap "Cross"-icon in upper right corner
  • Tap outside of component
  • Select an actionable option (if that is the case of content)
  • Vertical drag or flick-gesture on component area


Do's and don'ts

  • Use when you want to present a list of actions where every single option requires extensive amount of data and headings/paragraphs
  • Use when it is preferable for the user to stay in context
  • Use defined components in the sheet, e.g. list with several columns and rows, heading, paragrap
  • Make it full height to top of viewport
  • Can be overkill to use if you have one word or short sentences as a selection option. Use instead native scroll wheel behaviour
  • Avoid having more than two slide-up sheets active at the same time



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