Formatting guides

It's important that formatting of data is done consistently across a system, and hopefully the same way across all SEB systems.

Ideally we would like the user to be in control of the formatting by setting a personal preference as a profile setting. This has proven problematic in many of our systems. So we do need a fallback for how to handle this.

Historically we have only relied on Swedish formatting rules, but as many systems and user contexts spread outside Swedish context, we need to at least have an “English” formatting available. To keep it fairly simple we choose to link the formatting to language-setting.

As we use British English, we also use British formatting rules when it comes to data.

When to apply formatting

Formatting of data should always be applied. We should also apply data formatting when user has entered data into a field. When the field looses focus, we should apply formatting rules.

The input should be as forgiving as possible, allowing users to enter data with or without formatting. Our application of format will act as an confirmation that we understood the input correctly. I.e if user enters “191231” in a date-field, we will assume they mean “2019-12-31”.

Table of formatting rules

The list of formatting rules will continue to be added upon continuously upon request.