Buy and sell-buttons

A set of two buttons for buy and sell function

Short description

Where the customer is allowed to either buy or sell we provide a set of two coloured but-tons to distinct what is buy and what is sell

When and how to use it

Should only be used when you provide the function buy and sell.The buy and sell buttons must be placed be-sides each other on a horizontal line, buy but-ton to the left and sell to the right


The color scheme and function does not differfrom any device and should be handled in same way within technical framework.The component itself does not provide any further interaction of the technical response, e.g. if the user press Buy you must design rest of the journey.

Do's and don'ts

  • Use only when you can provide a buy and sell function
  • If designing for hybrid, follow SEB Design Library guidelines
  • Change color scheme of the buttons
  • Change order of the buttons (buy to the left, sell to the right)

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