User errors and feedback

We help the user by making our designs positive and obvious. Design it make it easy to do right and difficult to do wrong, as they say.

This section will address (i.e):

  • Field errors, Form errors, Growls, Alert dialogs

Design approach

Step 1. To make the user comfortable, first guide them in an instructive and positive manner. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a very short instruction on how to write (an id-number, amount, etc) within the text field. Or place a short sentence under the component. 
  • Also add a link to contextual help, or use tooltips with short descriptions.
  • If there is a need to explain more in the form, then consider page help or links to other places with text  


Step 2. If the user still makes errors, help them with error messages:

  • Use colours to alert
  • Make sure the text is clear, kind and helpful
  • Stay until the error is corrected. Don't go to the next page.