Installation instructions

Once you have installed the packages, there are advantages to download the latest components and security through npm.

About Vanilla

The Vanilla package contains styles for SEB's components written in SCSS. Every component syle is implemented as a mixin, in order to provide flexibility for developers.

Vanilla contains no Javascript. It is up to the developer to implement any interactivity and logic that is not easily achievable through CSS.

More technical information can be found here:

Using Vanilla through NPM

1. Create an empty directory and open a command prompt in that directory.

2. If you're working on the SEB networks, you will need to configure your NPM environment accordingly. Search for 'npmrc' in GitHub Enterprise for suggestions on how to do this, or send us an email if you need help.

3. Create a package.json file by running npm init:

$ npm init

4. Install the Vanilla pattern library:

$ npm install --save @sebgroup/vanilla

5. Now Vanilla will be installed in your node_modules folder. You could either import scss from <vanilla-dir>/src/vanilla in your own scss-files, or you can use pre-compiled css from <vanilla-dir>/css.

If you are on Windows, you can use this command to explore the contents of the Vanilla package:

$ npm explore @sebgroup/vanilla -- explorer

6. To try out the components, create a basic html-file and include the css files as specified above, then go to and copy some markup and put in your html-file.

VoilĂ !

About Bootstrap

The Bootstrap repository is a theme for Bootstrap 4, so all markup examples on their website will work for this package too, please note however that not all components have been styled for SEB yet and this library doesn't include any Javascript either. The later is by design as the goal and purpose of this repository is to hold common styles for standard web components and not control how they work or behave as that would require additional Javascript and that is something most frameworks take care of ie. React, Angular, Vue etc. This is also the reason as to why some of the components like pagination, accordion etc. on the demo page doesn't do anything when you try to use them.


You can find detailed technical documentation for this package on GitHub:

About React

This is a set of React components for use in SEB applications.

For instructions, please have a look at the documentation site here: