Progress and evolve

Be brave, challenge your design and push boundaries!

Be brave

Design evolves. This is maybe most apparent in digital contexts. As new technology arise new behaviours and possibilities emerge. To stay relevant we need to evolve our own design. This is a constant state of which we as designers live in.

When faced with new challenges not previously encountered we need to step outside of what we know and try new things. We need to be brave and embrace failure. Failure is needed to know what success looks like.

Pushing boundaries

In situations of creating never before seen solutions its important to find strength in numbers. Great design is seldom the result of one brain but rather the collaboration between multiple great minds.

Push the boundaries of what a product can look like, try things out, discuss with your colleagues, put up sketches on the walls, critique yourself and others in constructive ways to find a way forward.

Its also important to not get too attached to an idea, visual design or way of thinking. Kill your darlings as the expression goes, the best solution might still be out there.

To think about: