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The last version of Internet Explorer, version 11, was released on October 17, 2013. This is a very long time ago when taking into account the rapid development of web technologies. These days it is often difficult and time consuming to get modern technologies to work well in this old browser. More and more frameworks are dropping support, and even Microsoft themselves has announced that they will fully drop support for IE in their own services in 2021.

Consequently, we have decided to not include support for IE in the Design Library website.

Luckily, there are modern options in active development. Please use Firefox, Edge or Chrome instead.

CX-way of working

This is how we work with design at SEB.

Our design process

Our design process is not exclusively ours, it is the well-known Double Diamond. This guides you with what you do and when you should do it. What mindset should you and your team have a certain points, in order to get the most creativity? When is it time to solve a specific problem rather than everything? Having a process to hold on to, helps us understand that designing a UI is more than creating an image.

Read more on the Double Diamond here


The CX-canvas (Eng) sums up the most important questions you need to go through with your team to give you the best starting point. It can also be a way to see if you fundamentally agree.


Way of working for designers

Here is how SEB-designers work day-by-day with our projects.

Design Library is a community responsibility

The components and patterns in Design Library have been designed based on our brand guidelines. They are built jointly with SEB:s development teams in the framework of their choice (Vanilla, Bootstrap, React, Angular, etc). If there is something missing (or not making sense), it is us, in both our design -and development communities, that contribute and make it re-usable to others

  • The backlog that tracks the component progress is open to anyone in Github.
  • Anyone that needs a component can design or build it. If you let us know, we will help you give an SEB-touch to it. Once the component exists, we hope you add it to this site, so others can reuse it.
  • If you have any questions about this or how you contribute, please let us know



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