Related content

Presents similar or related content of the same type to the visitor that they are currently on

Short description

This block shows the visitor the summary/preamble of three related content items, such as articles or news that are related to the current content. The purpose is to guide the visitor to this related content and keeping them exploring and finding new interesting content on our site(s).

When and how to use it

Use this block towards the end of content, when the visitor has already read the main part of the current content and we want them to stay with us and read more about related content. A good example would be to link to other ways of saving and to our product pages regarding saving, from an article about the stock market. You should not use it to compare products for example, or as a sub navigation or similar.


The component is responsive and will adapt to smaller viewports by shifting the content to a vertical orientation.




Do's and don'ts

  • Don't not use this to compare products or as a sub navigation.