Expert quote

Used to highlight a quote from a block of text or an article.

Short description

This block highlights a quote from text or a transcription of a video. The purpose is to make the content of the text/article more visible at a glance, as well as promote both the content and the source.

Expert quote

When and how to use it

Use this block together with text blocks. For example, in-between two of them, to highlight content. To the reader this should still feel like one continues text, with a quote.

The block can be used with or without a source for the quote, but having one is of course preferable. Without a source, it goes from a quote to a highlight. You can also add a “Tweet” button to the block. Clicking it will have the user sign in to their twitter account, and they will then get a prepared tweet with the quote that they can publish.


This component is pretty slim as is, so there is no big difference between mobile and desktop.

Do's and don'ts

  • Don’t use it "just because", unless there is interesting content for a quote or highlight.
  • Try to not use more than one per page.

Related to

For highlights you might want to use the ‘Quick facts’ block or ‘Eye catcher’ block instead.


  • Background colour: #EDEDED
  • Height is depending on content