A component to display a filter or a property with the possibility to remove the property.

Short description

To display a property in an intuitive and easy way. Like in a filter.

When and how to use it

In views where a property needs to be displayed with the possibility to remove the property and it will be removed directly.

If you only want to display status', use the Badge component.


Updates directly, clear message what it contains. Remove the property on click.

Do's and don'ts


  • Avoid using other colours


Click on "Lägg till filter" (Add filter)

Slide-out with available filter selection.

Mobile viewport




  • Height: 32 px
  • Fill: Grey 200 #E9E9E9
  • Border-radius: 4px
  • Padding: 8px left-right-top-bottom
  • Font: Medium 16 px