Way of working

This is how we work with design at SEB.

Our design process

Our design process is not really ours, it is the well-known Double Diamond. This guides you with what you do and when you should do it. What mindset should you and your team have a certain points, in order to get the most creativity? When is it time to solve a specific problem rather than everything? Having a process to hold on to, helps us understand that designing a UI is more than creating an image.

Read more on the Double Diamond here


The CX-canvas (Eng) sums up the most important questions you need to go through with your team to give you the best starting point. It can also be a way to see if you fundamentally agree.


Way of working for designers

Here is how SEB-designers work day-by-day with our projects.

Design Library is a community responsibility

The components and patterns in Design Library have been designed based on our brand guidelines. They are built jointly with SEB:s development teams in the framework of their choice (Vanilla, Bootstrap, React, Angular, etc). If there is something missing (or not making sense), it is us, in both our design -and development communities, that contribute and make it re-usable to others

  • The backlog that tracks the component progress is open to anyone in Github.
  • Anyone that needs a component can design or build it. If you let us know, we will help you give an SEB-touch to it. Once the component exists, we hope you add it to this site, so others can reuse it.
  • If you have any questions about this or how you contribute, please let us know designlibrary@seb.se